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Online Version of the 2014 Addiction Medicine Review Course and ABAM Certification Exam Preparation Track

What people said about the California Society of Addiction Medicine’s Addiction Medicine Review Course 2014

  • “Absolutely outstanding in terms of material presented. Found the conference stimulating, motivating and thought provoking. I feel the energy to change and educate the world about this epidemic of addiction that affects all of us.”
  • “One of the best conferences ever attended; well organized, excellent and knowledgeable presenters, and friendly staff.it helped me to prepare for the exam and now I feel more confident to take the test.”
  • “This is simply the most well organized, clinically effective, and efficient conference I've attended in my 20 years in medicine.”
Addiction Medicine Review Course:
  1. Available ​now ​for ​download: Review ​Course ​Syllabus ​(more ​than ​600 ​pages ​from ​the ​lectures)
  2. Available now for download: Appendix ​(with ​supplemental ​articles) ​ ​ 
  3. 22 lectures available online around September 15
ABAM Certification Exam Preparation Track 
  1. ​Available ​now: Interactive ​Online ​Self-Assessment ​Test ​with ​more ​than ​700 ​board ​exam-style ​questions ​organized ​by ​topic.
  2. ​Available ​now: Addiction ​Medicine ​Study ​Guide, ​featuring ​high ​value ​material ​and ​key ​learning ​point ​for ​each ​topic. ​ 
  3. 7 hours of lectures including Q/A and discussion available around September 15.


Continuing Medical Education

Webinar: Clearing the Air: Marijuana's Effect on Health

Changes in the public perception of marijuana have contributed to profound changes in drug policy and enforcement, as well as significant changes in availability of marijuana products. Dr. Danovitch's presentation will provide a review of recent findings on marijuana with an emphasis on addressing questions patients frequently ask their physicians about its use, and based on up-to-date science, suggest ways to improve physician-patient discussions about cannabis and apply them to a clinical setting. [watch webinar]


Naloxone -- A New Tool in California for Saving Lives

Naloxone Resource Page

  • Webinar "Naloxone for Opioid Safety: A Tool in California for Saving Lives" | Presenters Philip Coffin, MD, Director of Substance Use Research, San Francisco Department of Public Health and 
    Eliza Wheeler, MA, MS, Project Manger, Drug Overdose Prevention and Education Project (DOPE), Harm Reduction Coalition, San Francisco
  • Video demonstrations of talking with patients about naloxone in various treatment settings
  • Video demonstration on how to assemble/prescribe a naloxone kit
  • Resources for providers, patients, family members and current research, including cost-effectiveness