Addiction Medicine Review Course 2017
Aug 24 - 27, 2017

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Addiction Medicine Review Course
This Course presents an overview of the core elements of addiction medicine, presented by top experts in the field. It can serve as a broad review for clinicians, a review of the basics for newcomers, or a starting point for
those preparing to sit for the Board of Addiction Exam. Participants sit at tables with a facilitator to guide case discussions. Participants receive a course syllabus on a USB drive with copies of all lecture handouts and selected articles and have the opportunity to purchase a print syllabus. Up to 19 units of AMA/PRA Category 1 Credit. Friday: 7 units; Saturday: 7 units; Sunday: 5 units

Addiction Medicine Board Exam Preparation Track

The Board Exam Preparation Track is designed to compliment the Review Course.  Those taking the Board Exam Preparation Track must also take the Review Course.  It consists of 3 elements:
  1. Interactive Self-Assessment featuring 700 board-style questions ($350 value); 
  2. Addiction Medicine Study Guid high value exam preparation material organized by topic; 
  3. 5 hours of ive interactive lectures at the Review Course. 
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