American Board of Addiction Medicine Certification

The ABAM certificate is recognized as signifying excellence in the practice of Addiction Medicine. It demonstrates that a doctor has met vigorous standards through intensive study, assessment, and evaluation. Certification is designed to assure the public that a medical specialist has successfully completed an approved educational program and an evaluation, including a secure examination designed to assess the knowledge, experience, and skills requisite to the provision of high quality patient care. 

The next ABAM certification examination will be given on December 15, 2012. Certification and Maintenance of Certification candidates take the same examination, which is a test of cognitive knowledge and problem-solving ability relevant to Addiction Medicine. Questions include, but are not limited to, diagnosis, management, and prevention of Addiction. Candidates must satisfactorily meet the requirements of application, including appropriate training, medical licensure, and continuing medical education, before being approved to take the cognitive examination.

The ABAM Certified Physician:

Physicians certified by ABAM have the knowledge and skills to provide prevention, screening, intervention and treatment related to drug use disorders and addictions. These addictions can be to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, including illicit drugs and prescription medications. In addition, these physicians can recognize and treat the psychological and physical complications of addiction. ABAM-certified physicians have taken a rigorous, six-hour examination to verify that they are competent to be Addiction Medicine physicians.

Eligibility Criteria to sit for the Examination:

Candidates seeking certification must meet the eligibility criteria specified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Candidates must complete all requirements, culminating in the successful completion of the cognitive examination. Each candidate must meet the eligibility requirements including the requisite pre-doctoral medical education, training requirements, licensure requirements, CME Requirements, Full Time Equivalency requirement, and the procedural requirements outlined in the application.

CSAM Materials to Prepare for the Exam

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